DJ is a 65-year old male post cardiopulmonary arrest.  He presented to Capri at the Pointe Rehab on 7/24/11 for ventilator/trach weaning, cardiac stabilization, nutritional involvement, PT, OT, and ST.  Aggressive ventilator weaning, cardiac stabilization, nutritional involvement, PT, OT, ST began upon admission.  By 7/26/11, he was successfully weaned from the ventilator and his cardiac status stabilized.  On 7/31/11, patient had his trach downsized to a #4Shiley trach.  At this time the patient was trained to use a passy muir valve for speaking and swallowing improvement.  On 7/31/11, he began walking 50-100 feet with assistance and eating pureed food.    The short term plan of care is to send the patient home with his trach in place utilizing a passy muir valve.  Trach education was done for him and his wife to ensure airway safety upon discharge.  Patient suffered multiple rib fractures when chest compressions were performed resulting in a secondary plan of care.  This secondary plan of care is to have the patient decannulated in a couple of weeks post discharge after his rib fractures have been resolved.  At this point the patient will have been returned to his prior level of function.

TG is 62-year-old male that presented to Capri at the Pointe Rehab on 7/14/11 after suffering an anaphylaxis reaction to Amphotericin B.  The anaphylaxis reaction caused respiratory failure which required mechanical ventilation.  The anaphylaxis reaction also caused hypotension, shock liver, shock marrow, pancreatitis and kidney failure due to acute tubular necrosis.   He came to Capri at the Pointe Rehab for ventilator weaning, dialysis, PT, OT, ST and nutrition.   On 8/7/11, the patient was successfully weaned from mechanical ventilation.  Over the next several days, the patient was progressed to having his tracheostomy tube downsized where capping and passy muir trials could occur.  With the use of the capping and passy muir trials, an oral diet was introduced due to a successful swallowing test.  On 8/ 19/11, the patient had his tracheostomy tube decannulated.  On 8/13/11, the patient’s kidney function and cardiac function was recovered.  On 8/22/11, the patient only required PT and OT until discharge.

AJ is a 58 year old male that presented to the acute hospital on 5/5/10 post respiratory distress and ETOH abuse.  Patient was assessed and found to have needed endotracheal tube intubation, mechanical ventilation telemetry and dialysis due to acute renal disease.    On 5/29/10, he was admitted to Capri at the Pointe Rehab where ventilator weaning, dialysis, nutrition, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy occurred.  On 6/9/10, telemetry was discontinued due to cardiac stabilization.  On 6/10/10, patient was weaned from the ventilator.  On 6/11/10, patient was weaned from the trach.  On 6/16/10, dialysis was discontinued due to renal improvement.  On 6/20/10, patient was discharged home with family.
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