Skilled Nursing Facility - Phoenix, AZ

In addition to 7 day round-the-clock skilled nursing care, we offer coordinated rehab services in Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy.  A tailored plan of care is developed for each patient to optimize restorative and rehab procedures and treatments.  Our dedicated therapy department seeks to ensure that every individual reaches his or her highest practicable level of physical, social and emotional capabilities. 

Should the patient need to discharge from the hospital but is still too sick to go home, we will take care of those medical needs until such time the patient is strong enough to safely discharge home.  Our post-acute program utilizes the services of many specialist physicians such as pulmonologists, nephrologists, wound care surgeons, infectious disease, physiatrists, dermatologists, urologists and internal medicine.  Staff encourages patients and families to set realistic, yet optimistic goals regarding rehab and discharge.  For example, our Respiratory Care Practitioners work closely with our medical team and specialists to establish a customized plan of care, emphasizing the best possible outcome, including weaning support.  Success is a patient who is able to return home to resume their lifestyles and if needed, patients transferring to non-vent nursing facilities closer to their family members, and patients relocating to retirement centers.

More Than Just an Arizona Skilled Nursing Facility

Our highly trained and accommodating staff understands the complex medical conditions and special rehab needs of the post-acute patient.  Treating each patient with care, compassion and respect is a direct reflection of our mission.  Capri at the Pointe Rehab has a premier sub-acute ventilator unit with private and semi-private rooms available.  On average over 40% of Capri at the Pointe Rehabs’ patients require the expertise of our Respiratory Department.  Respiratory Therapists are on site 24 hours per day to provide tracheotomy care, ventilator support, and /or treatments for breathing impairments.    Our Respiratory Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Dietician work together to return our vent patients to a normal diet whenever possible. 

Along with our ventilator unit, we provide bedside hemodialysis.  Capri at the Pointe Rehab works with experienced trained Registered Nurses who specialize in the delivery of dialysis treatments.  We also specialize in post-acute care.  Our staff has extensive training in pain management and works closely with each patient to ensure that he or she is as pain free as possible.  Wound Care Physicians and Wound Care Certified RNs round daily with patients that have wounds and skin conditions.

When a Need Arises for a Skilled Nursing Facility, AZ Residents Choose Capri at the Pointe Rehab

At Capri at the Pointe Rehab with over 40 years of admissions, we understand that each patient is unique and the care for that individual is unique.  Our patient’s success is not achieved overnight, but with Capri at the Point Rehab’s experienced care team and individualized care plans, every small step provides hope for patients and their families.  

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