Skilled Care Services

Capri at the Pointe Rehab offers a variety of services including Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapies, Respiratory Therapy, Wound Care ,  Bedside Dialysis, IV Infusion/TPN, and 24 hour Skilled Nursing. Our teams of highly trained professionals offer exceptional care and compassion to our patients of all ages. Through an interdisciplinary approach, our patients receive oversight and treatment for their complex medical needs by our Internal Medicine Doctors, Infectious Disease Specialists, Nephrologist Doctors, Pulmonologist, Physiatrist MD and Certified Wound Doctors. 
With the complexity of today’s rehabilitation patient, our facility and staff have developed the skills and treatment strategies to meet their needs effectively. Each patient in our care is treated according to their personalized needs and preferences. Our Care Planning process is tailored to each patient’s medical and individual goals including discharge planning to their home environment. We care for the individual and their families, through education, communication, family meetings and individualized discharge planning tailored to each and every patient. With well-coordinated services and care, our patient’s rehabilitative stay is more likely to result in a positive outcome with successful discharge to their home or community setting. Our goal is for all patients to reach their optimal level of health and highest quality of living. 

Capri at the Pointe Rehab offers a unique focus that brings specialized resources for the purpose of successfully weaning a majority of the patients off of the ventilator and/or tracheostomy.  An experienced and knowledgeable respiratory staff works with each patient to either wean them from the ventilator/tracheostomy or provide education on self-management techniques.  A major factor in the success of our Rehab Program is Capri at the Pointes’ commitment by our staff of therapists and restorative nurses. The use professional experienced therapist’s strengthens continuity of care and supports our team approach to our patients’ rehab.
The focus of our program is to assist in recovery so that each person can remain as independent as possible and return home!  From the beginning of your stay, your therapist works together with your social worker, nursing, nutrition and your family to make sure that any needs or services are in place when you are ready to return home.

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