Valley of the Sun Home Healthcare

Do You Qualify?  To qualify for home health services, you must have a medical need for the skilled services of a nurse or therapist.  You must meet Medicare’s definition of homebound.  This only means that leaving the home requires taxing effort and that you therefore leave the home infrequently.  You can be temporarily homebound due to illness or injury.  Valley of the Sun Home Healthcare must also receive orders from your doctor to provide home health services.  Upon request from you or referral from your doctor, Valley of the Sun Home Healthcare will coordinate with our doctor immediately.  We can provide home health services in assisted living facilities as well as in private residences.  

Advantages of Valley of the Sun Home Healthcare Services

  •  Valley of the Sun Home Healthcare delivers your care in the more comfortable, less costly environment of your own home.
  • Medicare pays 100%.  Qualified patients with Medicare have no co-pays and no deductibles.
  • Valley of the Sun Home Healthcare does not require you to see different doctors.  Your personal doctor will supervise your care from Valley of the Sun Home Healthcare.
  • Valley of the Sun Home Healthcare can make multiple visits spread over weeks or months to make sure your recovery proceeds according to plan.
  • When teaching health and safety strategies that people will use in their own homes, the actual home makes the best classroom.
  •  Recovery from stroke and other challenges goes better with rehabilitation occurs in the home environment where people will continue to live long-term.

Our Diverse Team of Professionals

Many of the services you receive in a hospital or nursing home are also available to you in your own home.  This is possible because Valley of the Sun Home Healthcare can send so many types of healthcare professionals to your home:
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Home Health Aide
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Medical Social Workers        
We can provide more information over the phone or schedule a free, in-home nursing assessment.
If you or someone you know may benefit from nursing or therapy in the comfort of home, please call Valley of the Sun Home Healthcare now.
(602) 535-8255

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