Bedside Dialysis and Renal Care

Capri at the Pointe Rehab, with approval through the patient’s insurance, provides convenient and professional services to our patients requiring medically prescribed Hemodialysis.  Upon admission, dialysis patients are assigned a Nephrologist and a team who carefully oversee all of their hemodialysis needs.  This team will consist of the Nephrologist, Registered Nurses who are specially trained in the care and delivery of hemodialysis, skilled nursing staff and Nutritional Services to include a registered dietician.  Case Management staff watches the daily care of the patient and provide updates to the insurance company, Nephrologists and Outpatient Dialysis Centers.

When patients have progressed and are medically able to transition to the community Outpatient Dialysis Centers, the dialysis team will coordinate all services needed to ensure a smooth transition into their community.  With a focus on continuity of care between the community dialysis centers and Capri at the Point Rehab’s bedside dialysis services, patients establish a normal and functional routine within their community.  With good coordination and professional oversight, patients can return to the community by reaching or exceeding their rehab goals.

Our Rehab services include recovery programs for knee replacement, hip fractures, head injury, arthritis, wound care, stroke, and cardiac event (such as heart attack or bypass surgery) in addition to various surgical procedures and many debilitating diseases such as diabetes.
A major factor in the success of our Rehab Program is Capri at the Pointes’ commitment by our staff of therapists and restorative nurses. The use professional experienced therapist’s strengthens continuity of care and supports our team approach to our patients’ rehab.
The focus of our program is to assist in recovery so that each person can remain as independent as possible and return home!  From the beginning of your stay, your therapist works together with your social worker, nursing, nutrition and your family to make sure that any needs or services are in place when you are ready to return home.
Our Physical Therapists concentrate on improving strength, mobility, balance, coordination and endurance. They provide skilled techniques to improve walking, climbing stairs, and overall increase physical stamina. They assess the need for specialized equipment and assertive devices that may be required to improve self-reliance or safety. They also provide techniques to ease pain and treat wounds, including pressure sores.
Our Occupational Therapists also address the body’s ability to function.  In the case where a person has lost the ability to perform an activity due to a specific injury or condition in their hands or arms, they can fabricate splints, prescribe an exercise program, and perform a variety of hands-on treatments to improve function, reduce pain and increase independence.  It is their job to find the cause of a person’s decreased ability and try to correct it through a variety of ways.
Our speech therapist assists patients with all aspects related to communication and swallowing ability. Techniques are used to improve speech, language, cognition, auditory comprehension, reading, writing and/or swallowing. 

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